Sentinel medium dog 6 pack

Sentinel medium dog 6 pack of 12.

It's made from kona coffee.

So delicious,

so good for you,

you're gonna want one of these.

Kona coffee.

All right,

you ready to rock it?

♪ I'm getting it, I'm getting it ♪

♪ I'm getting it ♪

♪ I'm getting it ♪

♪ It's in my ears ♪

♪ It's in my ears ♪

♪ I'm getting it, I'm getting it ♪

♪ I'm getting it ♪

♪ I'm getting it ♪

(upbeat music)

I'm from California, born and rsed,

and as far as I know

none of us have ever been

to Hawi.

We've never seen it,

even though we all live there.

All we know is that

we think it looks like Hawi.

I didn't think I had

anything to do with this,

but I came across it, and I sd

let's go see this.

Let's go see Hawi.

That's what I'm getting.

I'm getting Hawi.

So I just went and bought myself

an iPhone and some GoPro cameras

and a backpack, and off I went.

I'm gonna go to Hawi

and I'm gonna see what it's like.

This is gonna be awesome.

It's one of those like,

"You have to go," situations,

so I had to go.

(upbeat music)

When I pulled up to the curb,

I didn't think there'd

be a huge line,

but there was so many people.

There was families,

single parents, old people.

Everywhere you looked,

people were streaming towards the store.

That was amazing.

I don't know why they

all went to the store.

They're not allowed

to be in the store.

But I'll be right back.

(upbeat music)

(bell dinging)

It's a little warm in here,

but at least it's a short line.

Everyone's doing okay.

(bell dinging)

(upbeat music)

So this is where it gets tricky.

I have my iPhone,

and you're not allowed to bring

your own kind of camera.

I'm not allowed to

bring my GoPro cameras,

so you're only gonna get a shot of

the actual inside of the store

and a shot of me.

I have my backpack

behind me that I'll use

as a prop, if you will,

or a backpack that will be

a prop on the inside of the store.

I don't know why I put it there,

but I'm gonna use it.

(bell dinging)

I can't see anything, but

it looks like it's packed.

You can't see, can you?

It looks like it's packed.

It looks like they're out.

Let's see if they're

actually out, then.

They are not out.

No, they're not out.

Let's keep going.

(upbeat music)

(bell dinging)

(chiming bell)

(man coughing)

So we were hoping to see everything.

But like, the whole

line is so long.

We saw all the things that were open,

but I don't know why they're

so congested at the registers.

So I need to hop over

to the second line,

the next-day line,

but I can see through the window

that everything is closed.

The entire line is closed.

(bell dinging)

(man coughing)

(bell dinging)

(man coughing)

So, I'm thinking that they're closed

because I didn't have the

time to get to the stores.

So I guess I don't have a

choice but to try and get home.

The whole next-day line

is full of customers,

and they're not letting any

passengers out right now,

so I have no choice but to

walk home solo, which is fine.

I mean, it was kinda scary at first,

but now I'm just a bit relieved,

because I think I'll

probably make it there

in time for my mom to

come pick me up to go home,

but I don't know.

So I might need a Lyft

in order to get home.

But, hey, I'm still

at the shopping center,

so I'll be fine.

I should be fine, at

least, you know, the next

24 hours, but I might

need a Lyft to make it home.

I'm gonna figure something

out, I guess, because I

think I have enough money for a Lyft

from the food court to the

place where I live, you know.

So, I'm gonna figure something out.

(car horns honking)

I hope I'm gonna be able to get home.

(car horn honking)

Okay, so, I made it.

It's about two minutes

earlier than usual,

so that's good.

It's about to be 10:00pm

now, and it's still

morning for me, but

it's a good thing, I guess.

It's kinda sad for me,

but it's better than sleeping

in late tomorrow morning.

Now I'm just gonna wt for

my mom to come pick me up

and drive me to go back home.

(car horns honking)

So, she's coming to pick me up.

I don't know if she's gonna let me use

her electric or what.

It's probably gonna be a

bumpy ride home for me.

If I can somehow use her car,

then I can sleep in it, you know.

I don't know if it's really a good idea.

I haven't thought about that,

but I'm definitely not

gonna drive home on public

transportation or something.

It'll probably be fine.

So she's coming to pick

me up, she's taking me home,

I might take the subway to go home.

I think it's better than

going to a public place,

so yeah, it'll probably be fine.

Hey, hey, hey, I'm back!

(car horns honking)

(upbeat music)

Hey, it's so funny to

see how much that thing

has grown in a year, huh?

It's bigger than the person

that uses it right now.

And I didn't use it much last year,

because I had to take it to a new place.

I was gonna use it, but I had to take it

to my other school and I just,

I haven't really used it.

So it's kinda weird, it's kinda cool.

It's so fun.

(toy squeaking)

It's been about a year since I used it.

And it's been a long time

since I've even used it,

but I gotta use it now 'cause

I have a birthday this weekend.

So, I wanna use it and do

it and see how it works.

A lot has happened,

yeah, it's been a lot of stuff.

Like, just a lot of

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